Relax. Refresh. Recharge. And Wash Your Hands.

The Bathroom is the work horse of the house. It’s really more than just a maintenance room. It’s where days begin and end, and where people can find inspiration. It serves as a sanctuary, offering momentary solitude where you can unwind, take a nice warm shower, and can usually count on having at least a few minutes of privacy.

Remodeling a bathroom can re-set the tone for the rest of the house. The ambience created can bring a personal touch to the home and communicate status.

Planning a bathroom renovation can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some do’s and don’ts that will help you plan, design, and decorate your bathroom with confidence.

1. Determine who will be using it most

Every bathroom should be designed with the end user in mind. Do you want an elegant master suite, a guest bathroom for making friends feel at home, or something more functional for the kids?

2. Express your personal style

A bathroom comes alive when you add your own personal touches by including antiques, craft pieces, ceramics, or unique decorations you particularly love.

3. Choose neutral high-end items

Things like tile flooring and shower design create a blank canvas for expressing your personal style.

4. Splurge on the shower

The shower is the focal point of any luxury bathroom. Multiple shower heads, heated floors, even showers without doors are the trend.

5. Don’t skimp on the vanity

This is a feature where you can surely express personal style. Options like larger mirrors and luxurious counter materials like granite or marble add even more visual interest to the space.

6. Don’t forget about lighting

Add ambient lighting with ceiling fixtures and task lighting with sconces, recessed fixtures or wall-mounted shaded lights over the mirror or bath cabinet. Proper lighting makes bathrooms attractive, welcoming, and safer to use.

7. Don’t Neglect safety

As part of the kitchen remodeling check list, install slip-resistant flooring, and place non-slip mats or adhesive strips inside the tub and shower. Grab bars can be installed inside and outside the shower stall, no matter the age of the home owners. Today you can buy stylish designer grab bars that blend into the bathroom décor.

8. Don’t forget about storage

An often forgotten feature, yet so important. Many home owners even move a wall to include an extra storage closet and built-in shelving. Whether storing extra toiletries or guest towels, ample, organized storage space, with built-in recessed lighting gives the bath area a polished quality.

9. Don’t allow your bathroom to become untidy

Wiping off and returning toiletries to their home in a basket under the sink, clearing surfaces, and being creative with storage makes cleaning easier and adds to the Zen quality of the perfect bathroom sanctuary.

When considering a bathroom remodel, planning is everything. You may want to start a vision board or go online for inspiration. When you’re ready to bring your vision to life, we invite you to schedule time with one of our designers who will give you the practical support you need to refine and install your project.