If your design aesthetic was limited in 2018 to the cool colors of white and grays, it may be time to warm up your color palette. Interior design insiders have identified the warming of room and accent colors as a top design trend for 2019. These warmer colors will likely include rich and bold hues of browns, dark greens as well as an array of muted pastels.

If you are unsure what colors fit your kitchen or bathroom, it might be time to consider getting a professional to step in and take a look. You will be on trend with a designer’s expert help and the right warm color. In the meantime, here’s a review of the color trends for 2019 to get you up to speed.

Browns Are Back

Browns are making a comeback to the market this year. Warm earthy tones are in, paired with the traditional white color or used with another color of your choice. Many designers note that brown is going to be in full swing this year, making now the perfect time to start planning your own remodeling project. They believe that mid-range browns, like a sepia-toned color for a vintage effect and the mid-tone woods, will especially take center stage in this year’s design efforts.

Kitchen cabinets are one of the major places in the brown field getting an overhaul. People who want to warm up their spaces are painting the cabinet doors a lighter stain than the previous wooden cabinets. Wooden countertops are another use of brown, and are changing the whole look of a kitchen. They provide a neutral brown backdrop for a colorful backsplash or tiling options.

Consider Happy Colors

Experts predict that yellow is going to be a big color for 2019. Yellow brings feelings of happiness and cheer, creating a space full of sunshine and energy. Adding a touch of yellow to a room helps to make people feel happy and to enjoy hanging out in their space. Choosing a happy color can be a great way to make your kitchen a more inviting and relaxed space for all your guests.

Other happy colors include vibrant reds, blues and oranges. The color red can stimulate your appetite, making it a popular color for the kitchen or dining room while orange and reds are also creeping up the chart.

Don’t Overlook Those Greens

Rich, dark greens are also coming into play this year. Deep hues like a forest green started in 2018 and will continue through to the new year. Dark shades of green are currently the preference over the lighter shades, because of their rich color. It reminds a lot of people about a connection with nature, giving that same calming feeling to anyone sitting in the room.

In a part of the world that is seemingly gloomy, it is always nice to add some extra colorful touches. If you are looking for more information about the latest trends, contact our office. We can point you in the right direction, making the most out of your space for your remodeling project in 2019.