There was a time when outdoor cooking meant a grill and some charcoal on a cement patio. Dad stood with a spatula and watched the hot dogs and burgers cook while the kids ran through the sprinkler in the backyard. Times have changed.

Thanks to the growing popularity of outdoor kitchens, outdoor cooking is more and more a matter of style and function. Modern clients want to be able to cook outdoors with the same range of capabilities that they have inside so outdoor kitchens are a great option. They want the style of their outdoor kitchens to reflect the comfort of the indoors, combined with the relaxation of being outside in their backyards.

Cabinets for outdoor kitchens have been weatherized to withstand the elements. Their design is geared toward keeping their contents dry and safe from the elements all year long, no matter what the weather. The grill for the typical outdoor kitchen has expanded in function to include charcoal, wood and gas. There are outdoor ovens and even fire pits.

Countertops for outdoor kitchens come in all colors, textures and materials, and special lighting can give the whole display the perfect feel. Furniture and entertainment centers turn the entire affair into an outdoor paradise. The truth is, the outdoor grill has given way to the modern outdoor kitchen. Your father wouldn’t even recognize it.

Because modern kitchen and bath remodelers have to move fast to keep up with modern trends. They must keep several things in mind when working for clientele.


The outdoor kitchen is just as much an extension of the homeowner’s personal preferences as anything on the inside. A utilitarian space doesn’t cut it anymore. Clients want a comfortable living space with hassle-free surfaces. The demands of durability in the outdoors imposes some limits on the material, but manufacturers are turning out a vast array of colors, textures and looks.


Homeowners want more than just a place to cook. They want a bar or some other beverage space. They want gathering areas where family and guests can sit in comfort. They’re looking for entertainment options, including big-screen TVs and audio systems. They also want the convenience of being able to move right into the space and get to work, without having to drag out equipment and supplies.

A Recent Kitchen Expressions Outdoor Kitchen Build

Outdoor Kitchen Use of Space

An outdoor kitchens size is dictated by the property it is a part of. It is a kitchen remodelers job to make the most of that space.

In smaller spaces, kitchen remodelers must work harder to preserve function. With a larger space, they can incorporate more into the overall experience. There is more room for cabinets, refrigerators and other amenities.

Outdoor Kitchen Personalization

Outdoor kitchens do not roll off an assembly line. Each homeowner has their own unique goals for what they want to get out of their space. While some trends are prevalent, ultimately the client decides and a designer must listen carefully to achieve what the client wants.


The one big factor outdoor kitchens face that indoor kitchens do not are the elements. Kitchens must use durable, weather-tight materials and incorporate designs to shield them from rain, wind and even snow and cold weather.

With all these things in mind, modern kitchen remodelers have gone to work to revolutionize the way people interact with their outdoor space. They work hard to produce the space that their customers desire, and these desires are constantly evolving. The modern outdoor kitchen is as far from the old-fashioned grill as a modern jet is from the first airplane, and that’s just the way homeowners want it.