bathroom renovation in new jersey

If your bathroom feels a little stale, 2019 is a great time for a renovation. Current trends are functional, beautiful and make your bathroom feel like a trip to the spa right in your own home. Customization is the key, giving you the experience of your dreams. Here’s a closer look at what is hot right now in bathroom trends.

Metallic Finishes

The bathroom is no stranger to metallic finishes, but 2019 takes the trend to a whole new level. Instead of only circling mirrors and faucets, the shine now covers sinks, baseboard, and wainscoting. Metallic tiles incorporated into the walls help to bounce light around the room, giving the space an elegant look. Instead of traditional brass, pewter and gunmetal are not as harsh which helps to add texture and depth to the overall feel of the room.

Multiple Showerheads and Exposed Plumbing

No longer are you confined to only one showerhead. Customize your experience to fit your mood by adding multiple shower options. Each one has its own set of controls, making it easy to create the perfect shower. Some of the current options are:

  • Rain system
  • Handheld showerhead
  • Ceiling mount showerhead
  • Side panels
  • Sliding bar showerhead
  • Aromatherapy showerhead

With multiple showerheads come multiple sets of plumbing. The latest trends say exposed pipes and hardware are the way to go. It’s a look most commonly seen in antique homes and bathrooms but gives clean lines and a sleek look to today’s sophisticated bathroom.

Open Concept

Cleaning the bathroom always makes it to the top of the most hated household chores list. Luckily, the latest trends are on your side. Open concept showers mean no doors or shower curtains to clean while giving your bathroom a more spacious feeling. They also provide easy accessibility for everyone in the family.

Bold Accents

bold tile accents in bathroom

Another growing bathroom trend is a bold accent to draw attention. This can come in the form of wallpaper, an accent piece like a mirror, bold tile work or the strategic use of a color like black. It draws attention to a specific feature of the bathroom, giving it a high-end feeling. Pay attention to this when decorating your space. If you cannot figure out a focal point, it might be time to add in a large decorative mirror or use a bold wallpaper on one accent wall to balance the visual effect.

The Look of Marble

Nothing says high-end like the look of marble. From countertops to tile, there are so many uses for marble in a bathroom. Some designers are even bringing the look to the walls with wallpaper that looks just like a marbled surface. If you want to create visual interest, try using multiple types of marble together in the same design. For example, multiple types of marble tile put together to create one surface can make a one-of-a-kind look you won’t find anywhere else. This is a great opportunity to show off your designer’s skills and create a work of art in your own home. Turn your bathroom into the oasis you’ve always wanted. With all of these options and more, you are sure to find something you love. Remodeling or building a new space is a great way to get exactly what you want while breathing new life into your home.