We are very proud to work with some of the best designers, contractors, and project managers in the business. We provide all of our clients with exceptional, trustworthy advice for all of their renovation and design needs. Our team’s relationship is built upon the highest level of teamwork, trust and communication to deliver the best design possible for our clients. We work with architects, interior designers, builders and general contractors, bringing our expertise to the project at hand to ensure a truly spectacular outcome. Together we make sure our renovations are done right and done on time.

In some of the most used areas of your home it is important for your cabinetry to strike a balance between style and strength. Kitchen Expressions works exclusively with some of the best in the business to ensure our clients’ homes are equipped with the most functional – and beautiful – cabinetry.

Interior Designers

We have a common work ethic with interior designers that focuses on taking an artistic approach to design that makes the collaborative designer work relationship very fulfilling. We appreciate each others eye for detail to best express a client’s style. Our success is only possible with transparency and the support of great project partners. We take pride in our ability to work as part of a team with other highly skilled and qualified designers, as we share the same commitment to quality, craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Our skill set includes a deep knowledge of the products used to increase the functionality, efficiency and flexibility of a space.

We ensure that everything is integrated seamlessly from the color palette to the technology used. Working together in a strong collaborative environment enables us to deliver a better product that is a winning scenario for our clients and all of the members of the team.


We have worked with and developed long standing relationships with some of the top architects in the tri-state area on a wide variety of projects As with any renovation, there are many facets to the process that go far beyond the planning and blueprints to ensure optimum work flow. That is where Kitchen Expressions excels as we work closely with the architects to ensure that their designs will give you the home you are looking for, not just in structure, but most importantly in the layout, look and feel.

Our interactions are based on trust, with an open line of communication and mutual respect for our own skill sets as we work to build the home that they envision. We find that these partnerships with the client, the architect and ourselves brings out quality results and benefits greatly from the team approach.


We have built strong relationships with local builders and contractors with their individual home building expertise focused on delivering a beautiful finished product, allowing us to work closely with a trusted, skilled team to bring our visions to life. Real estate developers have often appreciated our ability to look beyond the blueprints. At Kitchen Expressions we know how important it is to focus on structure and durability when addressing a project. It may seem that as designers we might challenge the contractors, however we end up bringing out the best in each of us.

The builders look to us to create custom solutions using our cabinetry combined with our kitchen and bath design knowledge to optimize a home’s efficiency with a look, feel and functionality that is unparalleled. The key takeaway is the shared commitment to clear communication and a quality end result delivered to our common customer.