With exposure to water, heat and more, countertops carry a heavy burden in the most used areas of your home. Kitchen Expressions can help you choose the right countertop material for your lifestyle with an honest analysis of the pros and cons for whatever you are considering based on your family dynamics. With the help of our designers we have the ability to create a design that incorporates any size and shape countertop you would like, utilizing materials that are proven to work well under the conditions detailed by our clients.


A highly durable, easy to clean, and stain and scratch resistant option is engineered stone quartz. The look of quartz, because it is man-made, is more uniform in color and pattern than that of granite. This is often considered a plus for clients that enjoy symmetry or who are turned off by the less consistent patterning and veining of natural stone. However, while new designs can closely imitate the look of granite, marble or limestone it requires much less maintenance, at a competitive price point compared to natural stone.

  • Corian
  • Dekton
  • Compac
  • Silestone
  • Hanstone
  • LG Viatera
  • Caesarstone
  • Quartzmaster
  • Aureastone
  • Polarstone

Natural Stone

The most popular types of natural stone are granite and marble, with limestone and soapstone being commonly used as well. Natural stone is a durable material that stands up to the tough wear and tear of an active kitchen, with natural variations in colors and textures to make each countertop unique. Natural stone also stands the test of time, not only in durability but in style as well. However, it does require regular maintenance and resealing for food safety and aesthetic upkeep, including being sealed initially when first installed.


Can dress up the kitchen in a great variety of colors. We use Lapitec, that is an innovative full bodied sintered stone slab. It is available in large format slabs and unites the aesthetic design appeal and the superior mechanical and physical properties of porcelain with the elegance, workability, colors and typical finishes of natural stone. Their surfaces are the largest available on the market and are calibrated with extra thickness. Lapitec is non porous and therefore resistant to staining, mold and bacteria. The surfaces resistance to these factors makes it easy to clean. The product is long lasting and completely weather proof. Every slab is resistant to acids, alkalis, deep abrasions, fire, frost and is unaffected by UV rays.


Our wood countertops and solid wood surfaces are crafted from a virtual forest of wood choices and an array of edge profiles and design options. Wood countertops provide a functional, warm work area in the kitchen. Our butcher block countertops are sealed and perfect for an aesthetic and functional food preparation surface. Grothouse wood bar tops have an exclusive Durata finish that assures a protective waterproof surface. All of their products are custom made in the USA by master creaftsmen. And all Grothouse wood countertops are covered under their lifetime warranty. Staining is also available so the wood countertop matches the cabinetry or flooring. When using a wood countertop for direct chopping, we recommend that you protect the wood with a special finishing oil as it is hypoallergenic and will help protect the countertop characteristics from being compromised.


Concrete countertops appeal to people who want something unique, hand crafted and personalized. Some homeowners like concrete for its industrial yet rustic appearance, while others appreciate its customizable options. Both designers and homeowners laud concrete’s ability to become any shape and practically any color through the use of various dyes, stains and coatings. They also have a natural, organic look and texture, rather than a synthetic manufactured appearance. It’s durable, and both scratch and heat resistant. And because each countertop is individually handmade, there are endless ways to customize them and no two are alike. Homeowners can choose to embed recycled glass, fossils, tile or even LED lights— an infinite number of imprints and textures are available to adorn a concrete countertop.

Because concrete is naturally water resistant, it’s an ideal material for outdoor countertops and can often withstand freezing better than granite or tile when properly sealed. Concrete countertops also have no grout lines, making them easier to keep clean and dry.


We even collaborate with the world leader in innovative glass applications, ThinkGlass. Thinkglass artistic countertops are not just stunning but are also very easy to clean, resistant and durable. Just imagine a glass countertop that is 1.5” thick or more. A smooth glossy contemporary finish with a large selection of embedded textures to choose from. They can custom design your glass by infusing with color to create your personalized vision. They now offer a full LED solution for all of your lighting needs in order to further highlight your glass countertop. No other countertop material can offer you such versatility along with the possibility of transforming your glass to suit your mood or special event.

Anvil Metal

Combining a remarkable blend of function and art, we offer anvil metal countertops, backsplashes and raised bars that literally transform your eating and bathing areas. Grothouse offers a relatively new product that they introduced to the market, anvil metal, which consists of metal gilded wood surfaces that use masterful finishing techniques to coat wooden countertops in a finish of real metal particles. Unlike traditional metal countertops, anvil can be used in curved profile applications and complex shapes not previously possible in sheet metal products. They are easy to clean, come with a one year warranty, and are available in eight metal coatings. Every anvil countertop is unique and has its own set of characteristics depending upon the wood or substrate they cover, giving your kitchen a look all its own!

Stainless Steel

What used to be found only in restaurants, stainless steel is now making its way onto kitchen countertops during home renovations. These countertops can be custom-made to perfectly fit your kitchen for a tailored and elegant look. Steel offers a distinctive feel and look that blends perfectly into modern contemporary kitchens, and due to its neutral color even the most traditional kitchen decor can accept a stainless steel countertop without a problem. In fact, stainless steel can also create the illusion that your room is bigger and brighter by reflecting the various other surfaces. Just note proper lighting will be key if this is your goal (which Kitchen Expressions can help you with). Regardless of your style and taste we will find the countertop material that best suits your project at a budget you can afford.