No great kitchen is truly complete without a top-of-the-line refrigerator that combines a bold exterior with the latest most advanced preservation system. If a kitchen renovation is in your future, then now is the time to get up to speed on these 8 must-have-features for your next refrigerator.

1. Air Purification

Modern technology now allows refrigerators to purify the air in your refrigerator to regularly remove harmful contaminants like ethylene gas, mold, viruses, and bacteria, thereby extending the life of your food and insuring food safety.

2. Installation Options

Everyone loves options, and the installation of your refrigerator should be no different. Search for a refrigerator that allows for installation directly within your surrounding cabinetry for a built-in option. If you would rather have a freestanding fridge, make sure it can provide accessory panels for a seamless kitchen cabinet look.

3. Interior Lighting

We don’t often think about the lighting in our refrigerators, except when the light goes out. But a truly exceptional fridge will allow you to control brightness with soft-on LED lighting to fully illuminate the interior, making your food more visible and easier to find. And any interior lighting should be long lasting and energy efficient.

4. Dual Refrigeration

Your refrigerated and frozen food may be stored in the same appliance, but they have different needs. The modern refrigerator takes that into consideration and will preserve refrigerated foods with cool, moist air and frozen foods with frigid, dry air.

5. Ergonomic Interiors

The refrigerator is an essential component to a working kitchen and it should be designed for efficiency and comfort. Easy access to food can be achieved with full-extension sliding glass shelves. You should be able to retrieve items like condiments and bottles without the fear of tipping.

6. Magnetic Gaskets

A refrigerator not only needs to look great, but it needs to work and be dependable. Magnetic seals on doors and drawers will lock in the temperature and humidity preventing air leaks for reduced energy consumption. Soft close door hinges can extend the useful life of those doors and drawers.

7. Advanced Temperature Controls

Advancements in technology have allowed us to have more precise control over our cars, homes and even our appliances. Your next refrigerator should be able to control temperatures within one degree of setpoint utilizing an intuitive exterior touch control panel.

8. Filtered Ice

You might be hyper aware of the quality of your drinking water, but what about the ice you use? An advanced water filtration system will make sure that the ice cubes coming out of your automatic ice maker are as contaminant free as your drinking water.

Do All of These Options Exist in One Refrigerator?

Absolutely! Now that you know what to look for, there are refrigerators available in the marketplace that can take your kitchen renovation to the next level. One example is the PRO Series Refrigerator by Sub Zero available in 36” and 48” widths.

The 36” Pro Refrigerator/Freezer provides 18.4 cubic feet of refrigerator capacity and 4.3 cubic feet of freezer capacity. If your looking to go big, then the 48” will provide you with 18.7 cubic feet of refrigerator capacity and 11.7 cubic feet of freezer capacity. Special features include: air purification, dual refrigeration, redesigned crisper drawer, full-extension slide-out shelf, exterior touch controls, stainless steel inside and out, and more.

You never should be forced to sacrifice either design or function when creating the kitchen of your dreams, and that includes your appliances. Today’s refrigerators can keep your food fresher longer and meet your desires for a luxurious, professional design aesthetic.