When it comes to beautiful, luxurious materials for your kitchen, bathroom, and general home renovations, perhaps nothing can surpass marble. This timeless material has been gracing structures for hundreds and even thousands of years, with the most well-known examples being the classic Greek and Roman architecture and sculptures that still endure to this day.

Today, marble is making a comeback in many areas of the modern home. There are numerous types of unique, beautiful marble available today, and even more uses for this stately stone throughout your home.

Here are 8 of the top ways we’ve found to incorporate marble into your home:

1. Kitchen Countertops

Perhaps one of the most obvious uses for stone, the kitchen countertop is one of the best ways to showcase your love for this classic material. Granite is on the decline as a top choice for kitchen counter material – down almost ten percent from 2016 to 2018, according to Houzz. While many are choosing quartz as a replacement, marble countertops can provide a classic, yet modern, touch to any kitchen.

2. Kitchen Islands

While full-fledged counter makeovers utilizing marble are a great way to incorporate large amounts of marble, a smaller surface area often provides contrast and impact. Marble kitchen islands stand out from the rest of your kitchen and make a statement in a unique way.

3. Kitchen backsplashes

If you’ve chosen a simple, rustic feel for your countertops – perhaps a dark, solid granite or soapstone – a marble backsplash can add a dramatic contrast. Choose subway tile for a more industrial look, or a full, solid marble backsplash to display the unique patterns provided by marbles like Calacatta.

4. Bathroom Floors

Large marble tile floors provide a modern, yet classic, feel for your bathroom. They also allow you to display the unique grain of the stone much more effectively than smaller tile. Choose a bold marbling for a distinctive look, or a more subtle variety for a soothing spa retreat.

5. Tub and Shower Surrounds

Whether you choose marble subway tile to line the entirety of a modern glass walk-in shower, or a uniquely shaped backsplash for a free-standing tub, marble walls are a classic choice for bathrooms. Better yet, marble bathrooms are on trend, so your bathroom remodel will feel fresh for years to come.

6. Wall Caps and Half-Walls

If you have a half-wall in your home, creating a pass-thru for a kitchen, living area, entry, or other room, consider utilizing marble to make this feature into a focal point. Add a wall cap to form an elegant statement, or consider covering the entirety of the feature in marble to contrast with existing decor.

7. Entryway Floors

Perhaps no stone stands up as well to the traffic of your home’s entryway quite as well as marble. After all, there’s a reason you’ll find marble gracing the foyers of many of the world’s most famous homes. Choose a bold, statement marble for just inside your front door, or an outdoor tile for your front step and patio area.

8. Fireplace Surrounds

Much like the marble foyer, the white marble fireplace is timeless. Choose a full marble fireplace surround and mantel for a classic statement. Alternatively, many modern homes utilize a warm wood surround and mantel with marble inlay for a sophisticated touch.

Although marble is a timeless material, it’s become one of 2020’s hottest trends. As a result, the opportunities to incorporate this stone into your home this year are nearly endless. No matter your design tastes, there’s a stylish way to include marble in luxury home decor that fits nearly everyone.