high end new jersey kitchen remodel

The kitchen is a central hub of your home. It is the place where you feed your family and you’ll probably spend a lot of your time working in this room. In order to make it more enjoyable, try adding a touch of luxury to your design. We’ve rounded up some ways to take your kitchen area to the next level with these high-end ideas.

Lighting Fixtures

Refreshing your kitchen lighting is a great way to add a luxury feel. Replacing old and outdated light fixtures can change the entire feeling of a room. By updating them with newer and more modern fixtures, you can bring your design concepts back into this century. Not only will you update the visuals, but you can also make your kitchen more energy efficient with a newer and more eco-friendly option. Try track lighting for a customizable look, or a different type of hanging light fixture. It’s a fairly simple fix that can have a huge effect on the overall character of a room.

Faucets and Fixtures

A new faucet and fixtures can create a massive wave of change in the look of your kitchen. Older style faucets only came in a small variety of colors and styles, usually brass or silver. Today, you can get almost anything your heart desires. From luxury faucets you can turn on with a tap of your wrist to darker colors and antique finishes, you are sure to find something to fit your kitchen vision.

Turn Up Your Backsplash

Catch the eye of your guests with a flashy backsplash. You can choose to focus on an area of the kitchen like the stove or your food prep area, or you can use a design that goes around the entire kitchen. Some out-of-the-ordinary ideas that give a high-end look include stainless steel tiles, marble tiles, or even jewel tones. Shiny materials help to reflect light, making a space look larger. Your designer can point you in the direction to help you pick a backsplash that will work with the other elements in your design, pulling the entire idea all together.

Hide Your Power Outlets

The kitchen is usually littered with power outlets. Most modern appliances need one, so it is important to have an abundance around the kitchen for all your food preparation needs. But they do not need to be out in the open. Instead of looking at a backsplash littered with ugly outlets, try putting them in more inconspicuous places. Hidden panels, under cabinets and even in drawers are great places to keep them out of the line of sight while still creating a functional space.

Eco-Friendly Options

Nothing says luxury like an eco-friendly kitchen. When considering a redesign, talk with your designer to find out what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. For example, a built-in composting system can help you save on the amount of trash you throw out each week. These systems keep the smell at bay, allowing you to compost in the easiest way possible. Your guests will love the cleanliness of your kitchen and you’ll end up helping the planet. It’s a win-win situation.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting makes your kitchen look as if it was fresh out of the pages of a magazine. When redesigning your space, ask how you can incorporate more windows or even skylights to brighten up the design. If natural light is not an option, try adding recessed lighting under the cabinets, or adjustable track lighting in the ceiling. From faucets to lighting, there are many ways to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen area. You can pick a few simple projects to spruce things up or make a more permanent change by talking to a designer and creating a plan you’ll love. We’re here to help you every step of the way.