Kitchen remodeling has come a long way over the years. From a fire pit to an indoor fireplace to today’s modern kitchen, we have seen many advances in kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovations over time. What will our kitchens look like in the future? Here’s a look at some of the features that could become standard in our kitchens before the year 2050.

Research the Trends

Engineers and a group of students at Pratt Institute from the Industrial Design department began researching the trends of the future to design a kitchen that will meet technology advances. Rather than thinking about the products we use today, they instead focused on the ecological, nutritional and social issues facing our society in the future. With a bit of research, they were able to isolate the ways to make the kitchen a more functional area of the house for everyone.


In the future, experts expect the population of the world to reach nine billion. This means we will need to find a way to sustainably produce food for all those people. Engineers are working on a kitchen that produces zero waste and keeps everything on a closed loop. A closed-loop system means nothing goes to waste. Water from the sink goes down through a filter system and drains into a hydroponic plant system.

Location Matters

The location of the kitchen plays a role in the final design. Kitchens across the globe have different features depending on the local climate and culture. Kitchens in Spain are more likely to have a wine cellar and a built-in coffee station. British kitchens often have a washing machine tucked under a counter. But space matters, too; smaller homes in the city have a smaller kitchen area because they are closer to shopping and need less storage area. Homes that are farther out in the woods and not as close to resources may need more storage space in the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen will likely remain the heart of the home,as per current trends, garnering increased importance as a gathering place over dining and living rooms. That’s why functionality and versatility are key, without sacrificing style or quality. Cabinet manufacturers and kitchen remodeling companies are likely to offer homeowners new ways of customizing cabinets to maximize space and further cater to the needs of kitchen aficionados with items like bread boxes, pull out trays for pots and pans, customized drawer inserts for utensils, or even cabinets designed to house your favorite kitchen gadgets.

Quartz Surfaces

Quartz is a timeless choice for your kitchen surfaces. Quartz countertops  offer a beautiful look paired with unmatched durability, making it the choice material in a lot of modern-day kitchens. Granite is still a popular countertop option for your kitchen, but a new material is coming to the front of the line. Neolith is a porcelain material from Spain that is incredibly durable. In Japan, stainless steel countertops are becoming a more popular option for the sleek look and heat resistance.

High Tech Gadgets Are Not at the Top of the List

Believe it or not, high tech gadgets are not at the top of every homeowner’s wish list. Most people do not see the need for a refrigerator that sends messages to your phone or an oven you can program with your phone. Instead, they are searching for appliances that are more efficient and use fewer resources. A perfect example is the steam atomization dishwasher, which uses a lot less energy and water than a normal dishwasher. Washing your dishes with steam opens up new possibilities. It is a gentler cycle, allowing you to wash delicate items like fine china. Steam also removes a lot of caked on food and debris. The high heat and the expansion of the water droplets provides a cleaning power, unlike traditional dishwashers.