Are you considering an upgrade to your bathroom? A bathroom certainly needs to be functional, but it should also be a visually interesting yet relaxed environment within a home. It can also be a place to make you feel more beautiful and more at peace in your own space.

If you’re interested in adding more glamour to your home, a few simple yet effective enhancements can make your bathroom more inviting and more luxurious.

Rethink Your Tub

Do you have a standard drop-in tub? While these are functional, reliable, and easy to clean, they do not make much of a visual statement in most cases. Freestanding tubs are becoming more popular than ever, with about 30% of homeowners reporting freestanding tubs to be their preferred style. You can find high-quality freestanding tubs in a variety of materials, from finely crafted ceramic to expertly hammered metal and even stone.

Install a High-Impact Mirror

Standard square and rectangular mirrors may serve their purpose well, but they do very little in terms of aesthetic interest. Choosing a mirror with sloped sides, circular mirrors, or other interesting shapes can add depth to the room and create some surprising visual effects. Going bigger can also make a significant statement. Instead of a standard-sized mirror, why not turn the entire backsplash area behind your sink into an oversized mirror or install a large mirror for an impressive visual statement?

Consider Vintage Fixtures

The various fixtures around your bathroom are more visually important than you might realize. While brushed metals can be very attractive, they are undeniably common, and you can have more dramatic visual effects with the right vintage fixtures. Look at the fixtures on your vanity, cabinets, doors, and water fixtures. Imagine them replaced with piped gold or brass. Baroque light fixtures can work beautifully in virtually any bathroom, even if yours contains more contemporary elements than traditional.

Try Bold Color Splashes

Many homeowners are experimenting with bold blacks and other darker shades as accent colors in their bathroom. Black in particular can offer spectacular results when used for fixtures, trim, and other small details. Take a look at the colors you already have in place throughout the bathroom and start brainstorming ways to use bold colors to make a dramatic visual statement.

Stone Is Timeless and Classy

Your floors are an important consideration if you want to increase the glamour level of your bathroom. While tile is easy to manage and clean, it is fairly standard. Stone, by comparison, offers the best of both worlds when it comes to capturing traditional organic elegance and contemporary streamlined beauty. Carved stone floors are easier to clean than you might imagine and create an undeniable classy look. You can also implement stone tiles for the bathroom walls, the tub and shower, and the countertops in your bathroom to bring everything together cohesively.

Re-imagining a more glamorous look for your bathroom can be as fun as it is rewarding. If you are thinking about new ways to increase the luxury your bathroom provides, a few simple upgrades can be all you need to enjoy your bathroom to the fullest while making an impressive visual statement.