When we think of outdoor cooking, our minds automatically go to a single grill on a backyard deck. The reality, however, is that outdoor cooking has evolved in recent years to encompass a variety of cooking tools. Thanks to modern technology, a backyard can feature an entire working outdoor kitchen.

Whatever you can find in an inside kitchen, you can recreate in an outdoor kitchen, as well. Think outside the box and use your outdoor spaces to create pizzas in a wood-burning stove, serve up cocktails from a dedicated outdoor bar, and even tackle cleanup thanks to outdoor sinks and appliances. If you can imagine it, it’s possible to do it, with the right equipment.

While one usually thinks of southern climates when one thinks of outdoor kitchens – places like Texas, Florida and California – the truth is that people all over the country are having them installed — including New Jersey! You can find outdoor kitchens as far north as the country extends, because the cold winters eventually give way to warm temperatures and people want to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

Kitchens of All Kinds and in All Places

Outdoor kitchens can vary in size. Some configurations of outdoor kitchens make the most out of a cozy space while others encompass a large area. Many outdoor kitchens are built in the backyard while others are situated on a flat rooftop. Outdoor kitcehns turn up wherever homeowners have the space.

Modern designers are reimagining how we enjoy our meals in the outdoors. They can create elegant arrangements that combine entertainment, relaxation, privacy, a feeling of being closer to nature and anything else the client desires.

Creating A Northern Outdoor Kitchen Space

Outdoor kitchens can increase your property value and essentially extend the usefulness of your home by adding an extra room. Families love them because they provide the opportunity to spend more time with family and create an extra spot for entertaining. Outdoor cooking spaces can be as simple as a built-in grill or as complex as a full kitchen complete with appliances.

Deciding what to include in your outdoor kitchen space will depend on your budget and unique needs. While refrigerators and sinks aren’t necessary fixtures in outdoor kitchens, many experts agree they can boost the value of your home, since your outdoor space will count as a second kitchen. In fact, the value boost might equal the cost of your project, making it a valuable investment.

Outdoor kitchens are suitable for year-round use, even in the coldest climates in the North. Simple additions, such as gas patio heaters, can create a cozy eating space that extends your outdoor eating season well into late fall and early into spring. Intrepid cookers may even want to cook outdoors during the holiday season and prepare a seasonal outdoor spread. Outdoor kitchens also create the perfect spot to host a tailgate party or other soiree.

You don’t need to have sunny weather year-round to enjoy a beautiful outdoor kitchen experience. Outdoor kitchens have become more elaborate and their range has extended to include any kind of climate. With the right design choices, an outdoor kitchen can be made to fit your needs while standing up to whatever weather Mother Nature can throw at it.