The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the kitchen island is the heartbeat. Your kitchen island should be one of the most versatile areas of your home, so it’s important to plan it just right. Consider the following tips for designing a perfect kitchen island that will function wonderfully for your everyday needs.  

Make Your Island Large Enough (or Even Larger) 

You want to be sure your kitchen island has plenty of space for food prep and entertaining. The surface should provide room for all of your ingredients and tools to be within reach, which will save you time and effort. Having space for guests to enjoy cocktails while you cook, or for the kids to watch, help, and learn is an added bonus.

Add a Breakfast Bar With Seating

A breakfast bar is a great idea for a family on the go. Preparation and clean up are easy in the morning with your family gathered around your kitchen island before heading out to start their busy days.

Consider Incorporating Appliances Into Your Island 

The possibilities are endless with this concept. A built-in dishwasher, range top, oven, or wine refrigerator are some of the many popular options. A second sink in the island is another tool you may find useful. The best approach when considering what appliances to choose is to base the decision on the layout of your kitchen and which appliances you need easiest access to when cooking and prepping from your island.

Add Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a hot design trend. There’s a wide variety of styles available, and they can add unique detail to your kitchen space. They are perfect for a kitchen island, because they can also focus light on your workspace. Consider putting them on a dimmer, so you can set the mood appropriately for the occasion and time of day.

Add Adequate Storage Space

Storage space is prime real estate in any kitchen, and the island provides room to sneak in a little more. Consider built-in cabinets, drawers, a pet food/care station, or even a trash and recycling center.

Make It Multipurpose 

It is important to remember that your kitchen island will get more use than just family breakfast, cocktails with guests, and cooking dinner. Your children will likely play with toys, games, and do their homework here. Be sure to use versatile countertop materials and include space for the kids to keep their supplies.

Mix Marble and Metal, Consider Mirrored Surfaces

The centerpiece of the kitchen should stand out. Try mixing textures that complement each other, but may not be “traditional.” Your island will pop, and become the conversation piece of your gatherings and dinner parties.

Consider a Tiered Option

A tiered island offers many benefits to the modern kitchen. The look itself is more interesting and aesthetically pleasing than a simple flat island. A multi-level island also creates a backsplash for your workspace, bar seating for your friends and family, and aids in hiding meal prep mess. The backsplash also gives you a convenient spot to add extra electrical outlets.