Country kitchens have made a comeback. And they’re going to grow even more popular in the future.

Timeless simplicity and elegance have prompted more and more city-dwellers, yearning for the rustic style and craftsmanship of a previous era, to convert their kitchens into airy, family-centered eating and living spaces, often called country kitchens.

If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, you couldn’t do better than to consider the energy and beauty of a country kitchen, steeped in tradition with plenty of contemporary features. They’re an excellent choice for people who love casual style and want a hub for family breakfasts where friends feel welcome and want to spend time.  

How to Create a Country Kitchen

By definition, a country kitchen is large, with lots of room for food preparation and eating, and a table with plenty of seating.

Cabinetry: The focus is on natural woods and fine craftsmanship. Cherry, maple, and oak are favorite materials; and pine with its knotty, rustic appearance, is also well suited. Incorporating antique detail and intricate wood carving here and there endow a richer, more lived-in feel.

Free-Standing Island: Nothing says country kitchen like a generous free-standing island, with simple white tile countertops, natural wood, and perhaps some wrought-iron details. Fill in with accents in the open shelving, like wicker baskets for stylish storage or country red or blue for pops of color.

Exposed Beams: Adding that perfect touch of rusticity has become widely popular. Exposed beams somehow not only highlight the space of a large country kitchen and, at the same time, add a touch of warmth and coziness

Warm Colors and Fabrics: Homeowners often opt for white because it gives a more spacious, unified look to the kitchen. However, incorporating soft pastels and textiles in warm color palettes can add a more personal style, as long as the colors and patterns are restrained.

When choosing fabrics for curtains, chairs, and rugs, keep patterns simple and the fabrics natural, such as wool or cotton-woven rugs. Ticking stripes, gingham and subtle, nature-inspired patterns are in keeping with the country look.

Details. Details. Personalized design elements deepen the delight that comes from the warmth of a large family kitchen:

  • A hearth or wood-burning potbelly stove warms family gatherings 
  • Using distressed wood, perhaps salvaged from an old farmhouse, for a kitchen table or freestanding island is a perfect, rustic touch
  • A farm sink (also known as an apron-front sink) is traditionally quite large and caters to multiple functions and large families.
  • Natural, organic woods, grained wood cabinetry, stenciled fabrics all create a country style décor
  • Add lighthearted or whimsical features to the room, like a chandelier made from twigs, or roosters, ducks, or geese displays on your shelving, or linen patterns

With its casual look and studied simplicity, who wouldn’t feel like enjoying a cup of coffee or farmhouse breakfast in a modern-day country kitchen? If this idea piques your interest and you would like to learn more about bringing the country into your home, please schedule a time with one of our designers.